Value Innovations


Kústers Calico believes in continuous innovations which add value to products. These offer unique benefits and provide value to customers. Such value innovations offer unique benefits to customers.

The unique construction of the roll ensures even nip pressure across the working width. Its ability to control deflection in the middle and sides of the working width has an important role to play in all our machine ranges. This has been an important innovation which remains unmatched.

Twin Shaft Applicator
Used in the bleaching range, this chemical applicator won an award for R&D from TMMA. Its unique design makes it use 10-15% less chemicals than the conventional applicators. Moreover the replenishment time is reduced to 30 minutes compared to 50 minutes conventionally.

The SteepMaster
The print washing range uses SteepMaster for soaping purpose. The plate gets reversed in this controlled driven drum, allowing the take up of plaited fabric from the top in the end. There is controlled, low tension fabric take-off transition without rolled up edges or creases.


PlastIndia 2015, Gandhinagar, February 2015
PlastIndia was a highly successful event. We showcased our solventless laminating machine. Achieved brand awareness and gathered a lot of inquiries.
GTTES Exhibition, Mumbai, January 2015
We received good response at GTTES including international visitors especially from African nations and Pakistan.
Appointment of Sales Agencies
Kusters Calico has appointed ‘Sagar Powertex’ as agents for west and north region of India and ‘Jazz Textile Systems’ for south India, to increase its reach to its customers in textiles. Their
Mr. Sushil Verma appointed as new Managing Director

Management of Jagenberg group announced that the board has appointed Mr Sushil Verma as the Managing Director of Kústers Calico Machinery Private Limited.

Mr Sushil Verma having an extr

EEPC India ‘Star Performer Award’
Kusters has also bagged the ‘Star Performer Award’ for western region for exports from EEPC INDIA (Sponsored by Govt. of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry). This award is special as a governm
Kusters Calico Bags Export and R&D Awards 2013
Kusters Calico has won the Export Awards third time in a row this year from TMMA (The Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association, India). More customers around the world are processing their fabrics

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