The Kústers calico singeing machine for wide-width fabrics has many in-built advantages such as :

  • Clean, smooth fabric surface
  • Clearly distinguishable fabric structure
  • Reduced soiling tendency
  • Uniform, even appearance with plain coloured
    fabrics without diffused light reflection
  • Clear outlines of patterns on printed fabrics
  • a unique cross flame design that provides a continuous flame bed,
  • adjustable burner position,
  • automatic controlled gas-air mixing and efficient combustion of all types of gases.

The Singeing Process :

The aim of the singeing process is to improve the utility and wear properties of textile fabrics by the removal of protruding fibre ends.

With the increasing demand for perfect, smooth fabrics in domestic and of course in international markets, the singeing operation has assumed great importance.

Salient Features :

Dual heat treatment

The unique cloth threading arrangement results in four burners singeing effect on two burners, thus offering two times more efficiency and economy.

Uniform singeing

The crossed flame effect provides a continuous flame bed, which is homogenous and uniform accross the full width of the fabric, ensuring perfect and consistently superior singeing action.

Customised flame control

The singeing machine is fitted with two singeing burners and is equipped for universal application on natural, synthetic as well as blended fabrics. The burners are specially designed to produce a powerful turbulent flame bed that can be easily tilted to efficiently burn off the hair and lint from the fabric, the intensity and angle of the flame is determined.

Efficient exhaust system

The powerful scavenger and suction system removes combustion waste efficiently and elimates the need for brushing after singeing.

Inverter drive

The A C drive that is provided with the machine can be adjusted for machine speeds between 20 to 150 m/min., thus making it universally suitable for all kinds of fabric including light weight and delicate qualities such as chiffon, georgette etc.

Singeing on water cooled rollers

Non-stick water cooled rollers reduce fabric temperature during singeing and prevent thermal damage to delicate fabrics. The special air control ensures fast burning of synthetic fibres and prevents thermoplastic melt forming on fabric surfaces.

Process repeatability

The operating and control panel displays all the parameters influencing the singeing performance and the process is reproducible if required.


Most importantly, the burner, control systems and auxiliary equipment are constantly monitored by a safety system which automatically turns off the machine in the event of any malfunction.

Optional Equipment :

  • 4 brush roller brush box
  • Desizing solution impregnating compartment
  • Stainless steel quench box
  • Plaiting down device
  • Big batch device
  • Winch

Technical Data :

  • Fabric Surface width (m) : Upto 3.5 meters
  • Operating Speed (m/min) : 30 to 150
  • Fuel Consumption (burner capacity) : 2.5 to 4 kg/h LPG
  • 4 to 12 kg/h LPG
  • Fuels Used : LPG – Natural Gas

NEWS & Events

Mr. Sushil Verma appointed as new Managing Director
Management of Jagenberg group announced that the board has appointed Mr Sushil Verma as the Managing Director of Kústers Calico Machinery Private Limited. Mr Sushil Verma having an extremely impressive career in the industrials sector with significant senior leadership experience and has a strong track record of achieving value creating growth through innovation and disciplined strategies.

Rajendrabhai Trivedi, Hon’ble Speaker Gujarat Legislative Assembly Guest of Honor – 1). Sh. Mansukhbhai Vasava, Member of Parliament, Govt. of India Special Guest – Sh Satishbhai Patel, Ex Member of Gujarat Legislative Assembly Group CEO, Jagenberg AG and Managing Director Kleinewefers GmbH, Germany - Dr. Erich Broeker Managing Director, Kusters Calico Machinery Pvt. Ltd, Baroda - Mr. Sushil Verma Company Turnover - Rs. 85 Crores Direct Employment opportunity - 350 people Opening Ceremony – Wednesday, 11 April 2018

ITMACH Gandhinagar 2017
We have participated at ITMACH, Gandhinagar from 7th December 2017 to 10th December 2017 & displayed S roll padder.

Saigon Tex – Vietnam 2018
We have participated at Saigon Tex, Vietnam from 11th April 2018 to 14th April 2018

ITM Istanbul, Turkey 2018
We have participated at ITM Istanbul, Turkey from 14th April 2018 to 17th April 2018 & displayed our COMPACTA WASHER.

We have arranged “CUSTOMER DAY” in association with Sagar Powertex Pvt. Ltd. on 6th July 2018 on “CONTINUOUS WET PROCESSING CONCEPTS” at HYATT-Ahmedabad & more than 100 customers attended.