Products Details :

  • Category : Processing
  • Sub Category : Wet Processing
  • Process : Bleaching
  • Industry Served : Textile
  • Market Served : Any where in world
  • Substrate Type : Woven, Knitted-Open
  • Substrate Composition : Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene,
    Nylon, Viscose, Acrylic, Blends


Product Information :

  • Under liquor roller
  • washer
  • Chemical Applicator
  • Steamer
  • High efficiency squeezer consisting of one S-Roll


Salient Features :

  • De-sizing by vacuum slot
  • Fully flooded washing machine with suction slot for removal of mechanically attached dirt.
  • Up and down washers with top squeezing rolls for improved efficiency.
  • Steamer with cloud control
  • Chemical applicator for maximum pick up
  • Perfectly designed dosing system


Merits :

  • Removal of all soluble deposits from the surface of the fabric.
  • Traverse and counter current flow of liquid.
  • Cloud control for the better effect on fabric
  • Chemical application by means of maximum pick up with maintenance free design.
  • Even and maximum squeezing for better efficiency.
  • Uniform results.
  • Increase in production.
  • Large savings in terms of chemicals, energy, water and time.
  • Uniform & continuous perfectly mixed dosing system


NEWS & Events

Mr. Sushil Verma appointed as new Managing Director
Management of Jagenberg group announced that the board has appointed Mr Sushil Verma as the Managing Director of Kústers Calico Machinery Private Limited. Mr Sushil Verma having an extremely impressive career in the industrials sector with significant senior leadership experience and has a strong track record of achieving value creating growth through innovation and disciplined strategies.

Rajendrabhai Trivedi, Hon’ble Speaker Gujarat Legislative Assembly Guest of Honor – 1). Sh. Mansukhbhai Vasava, Member of Parliament, Govt. of India Special Guest – Sh Satishbhai Patel, Ex Member of Gujarat Legislative Assembly Group CEO, Jagenberg AG and Managing Director Kleinewefers GmbH, Germany - Dr. Erich Broeker Managing Director, Kusters Calico Machinery Pvt. Ltd, Baroda - Mr. Sushil Verma Company Turnover - Rs. 85 Crores Direct Employment opportunity - 350 people Opening Ceremony – Wednesday, 11 April 2018

ITMACH Gandhinagar 2017
We have participated at ITMACH, Gandhinagar from 7th December 2017 to 10th December 2017 & displayed S roll padder.

Saigon Tex – Vietnam 2018
We have participated at Saigon Tex, Vietnam from 11th April 2018 to 14th April 2018

ITM Istanbul, Turkey 2018
We have participated at ITM Istanbul, Turkey from 14th April 2018 to 17th April 2018 & displayed our COMPACTA WASHER.

We have arranged “CUSTOMER DAY” in association with Sagar Powertex Pvt. Ltd. on 6th July 2018 on “CONTINUOUS WET PROCESSING CONCEPTS” at HYATT-Ahmedabad & more than 100 customers attended.